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What is NonCopyrightCollective?

NonCopyrightCollective is a project where Streamers and Content Creators can find and use the royalty-free music produced by us.

To use our Music you need an active License or Subscription. But no Panic! We have a Free Subscription which accommodates the majority of "small" streamers and content creators in this world.

Since the project was founded in the summer of 2020 we have released 70 songs with another 50 will probably follow this year.

We are happy about every streamer and content creator whether on #Twitch or #Youtube or on #Facebook or #Instagram who uses our music because together we can realize fantastic things!

Work Together & Be creative. From Creators for Creators.

Latest NCC-MUSIC Release

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This Space is for the Future. If we Reach 100 Paid Subscribers we give that Place to one Creator in Rotation. Here we can present your Youtube or Twitch Project or your Podcast! (Other Social-Media Channels aswell)

We Plan to have a Weeky Rotation on this Space. You can find the Survey on Discord!

*We reserve the right to reject any winner of this special place if their content violates applicable law/policies or our Terms of Use or four our own Reasons.

§-We reserve the right to discontinue this extra if it becomes necessary.